Any and every designer wants (and should) strive to be as creative as possible. We design to be functional and useful, but we should also design to be aesthetically pleasing. Who wants to make a web site that’s an eyesore? Many wonderfully designed items have the perfect blend of functionality and beauty from phones to athletic shoes.

There’s been a bit of murmuring lately in the design community. How is minimalism affecting website designs? How is flat design influencing how and what we design? I’ve even asked the question of whether or not our designs are too simple. We live in an era where white space is glorified and everything has to fit perfectly on a grid inside a page.

So, what happens when you throw that out the window? What does a website look like that bends and breaks many of the rules we are used to seeing and implementing on a daily basis. Well, today we want to show you 15 sites that are unorthodox and ultra creative. These are some of the things you can do if you step outside the box.

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